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No longer updating, but hope you enjoy the recipes!

Unfortunately, I got too busy to go back to blogging, after I was forced to take a break from it in 2015 because of tendonitis.
But you can still follow my cooking, eating, and travels on instagram: (@spontaneoustomato)

Scallion Cream Cheese Eggs (SCC)

January 15, 2015

Scallion Cream Cheese Eggs (SCC)Pin it!

Two posts ago, Paula wrote about how she is the undisputed and default Breakfast Maker around here. Until it comes to scrambled eggs, that is…

That’s been the one breakfast dish where I refuse to surrender my spatula.

I typically don’t get as excited about scrambled eggs as I do about fried eggs (or anything with a runny yolk), but these are the exception.

Making Scallion Cream Cheese Eggs (SCC)

The cream cheese — especially when added at just the right moment — blends beautifully into the eggs, making them creamy and rich, with a few little pockets of pure melty creaminess hidden throughout. The scallions add the perfect combination of green pops of color, herby freshness, and oniony flavor (without the oniony texture — key to Paula’s willingness to eat this!).

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Garlicky Green Soup

January 1, 2015

Garlicky Green SoupPin it!

Happy new year!

Hope everyone had a nice new year’s eve and a wonderful 2014. And whether or not those things are true for you, I hope you all have a wonderful 2015!

I know I’m the only one keeping count, but I wanted to share with you that this is my 200th blog post! It’s taken me 3½ years to write 200 posts containing over 200 recipes.

Garlicky Green SoupPin it!

I don’t always feel struck with original-recipe inspiration, and I don’t always feel like sitting down at my computer to write another blog post as the next Thursday approaches, but I think my regular posting schedule (originally twice a week, then once a week, then every other week…) has helped me keep it going. And when I look back through my blog to see all of my favorite recipes collected in one place (and accompanied by your comments!) then that makes it all worthwhile.

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Orange Chocolate Pancakes (Guest Post)

December 18, 2014

Orange Chocolate PancakesPin it!

I may not be morning person but I am definitely a breakfast person, as in, I make a mean breakfast.

I make nearly everything: pancakes, chilaquiles, baguette french toast, huevos rancheros, overnight oats, frittatas. (I say nearly everything because while Allison has designated me the breakfast-maker in the house, she refuses to allow me to scramble eggs; they need to be handled a certain way to be delicately fluffy and apparently I stir them too often.)

Cocoa powder and orange zest sugar for Orange Chocolate Pancakes

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Parmesan Black Pepper Grilled Polenta

December 4, 2014

Parmesan Black Pepper Grilled PolentaPin it!

I took these photos a week or two before Thanksgiving, but I’m craving this dish again as I write this, and hatching a plan to make it again sometime soon.

I don’t think I’d ever eaten polenta up until a few years ago, but it’s become one of my favorite staples to whip up as a weeknight dinner back-up plan. When everything else seems like it would require too much energy, or — even worse — another trip to the grocery store, I know I’ll at least have some polenta and a can of tomatoes around to turn into a meal. And since I always have at least a little butter and an onion in the fridge, I just have to hope to find a little Parmesan in there too, to turn it into a decadent feast.

Parmesan Black Pepper Baked Polenta, ready to be grilledPin it!

I swear, those ingredients combined are even more appealing to me than pasta. (Not counting gnocchi, though, because I LOVE gnocchi.) But I know nearly everyone loves pasta and maybe can’t see the appeal of polenta in comparison, so just hear me out…

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Easy Indian Chicken Curry

November 20, 2014

Easy Indian Chicken CurryPin it!

Last winter I posted a recipe for Easy Thai Peanut Curry. It’s not some labor-intensive DIY-curry-paste masterpiece, but I’m proud of it because it’s a fast, simple way to make delicious Thai curry from ingredients I keep on hand, like coconut milk and ground spices. (Bonus for some: it’s vegan!)

I got a few comments after that post about how reminiscent the method was of those used in Indian curries. In fact, I had come up with the recipe when paging through an Indian cookbook. Many north Indian curries start with a blended paste of garlic and ginger — often with water added for easier blending — so instead of using water in the paste, I used some of the coconut milk that I would later add to the curry anyway.

Easy Indian Chicken CurryPin it!

Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to post a recipe for an easy, under-an-hour Indian curry, using a similar method…

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Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette

November 6, 2014

Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette and Warm Chicken SaladPin it!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, then you’ve heard me whining — since all the way back in July — about my tendinitis/RSI injury from too much computering.

It felt like a long summer of going to physical therapy, not-so-patiently resting my hands, wrists, and arms, and taking lots of forced time off from the laptop and the internet.

Even now that I’m back to doing a little typing, I’m limiting myself to about 3 hours per day of using my new ergonomic keyboard and taking frequent, regular breaks (using free RSI break reminder apps). And believe me, 3 hours feels like nothing, especially when you’ve been a graduate student/food blogger. I don’t think I’ve ever been so behind on responding to emails in my life.

Balsamic Honey VinaigrettePin it!

But back to this summer: I didn’t cook; I didn’t wash dishes. (Well, I tried, but then my hands were in so much pain that Paula forbid me from doing anything in the kitchen…) So it all fell on Paula’s shoulders — all the cooking and cleaning for two, on top of her full-time job.

And yet, we still survived the summer! (And we only ate 1 or 2 frozen dinners from Trader Joe’s a week!) How did we do it? This salad.

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